Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Drexel Hill

There is no better way to maintain your oral health than by caring for your natural teeth. In situations where decay or injury have compromised your smile, root canal treatments are essential in retaining your natural teeth and restoring their health. At Civillico Family Dentistry, we provide root canal treatment to save failing teeth and further protect your smile from discomfort due to decay.

If you are experiencing dental pain or have a chipped or damaged tooth, contact our Drexel Hill root canal providers to schedule treatment. We are committed to helping patients regain the comfort and function of a healthy smile.


What is Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal treatment removes the decayed inner tissue from the inner chambers of teeth, including the canals within the roots. When a cavity is left untreated, dental pulp can become severely infected and cause pain and discomfort. Drs. Nicholas and John Civillico provide root canal treatment to save the tooth and remove this tissue before the infection can cause tooth loss or create bodily health problems. As a conservative alternative to tooth extraction, root canal treatment restores the integrity and health of weakened teeth. 

Some signs and symptoms for root canal treatment include:

- Toothache or pain
- Sensitivity to temperature
- Swelling or tenderness at the root or jaw
- An abscess on the gums

Dental pulp can become infected by both untreated cavities and major chips or cracks in the tooth’s enamel, which would give decay-causing bacteria access to the inner tissue directly.  Be sure to contact your Drexel Hill dentists to ensure your smile is healthy all year round, as the need for root canal treatment can be prevented with routine visits and treatments of small cavities and decay.

Root Canal Treatment in Drexel Hill

Our father-son duo at Civillico Family Dentistry provides root canal treatments with your comfort in mind. Root canal therapy resolves discomfort you may feel by removing the cause of the pain: infected dental pulp. We provide this treatment with local anesthetics and nitrous oxide, as we understand that patients’ may be anxious about this procedure. 

In order to ensure that the newly treated tooth is fully protected, we provide aesthetic crowns that look and feel like natural teeth at the end of root canal treatment. Lab-fabricated zirconia crowns are known for the durability and vibrancy, as they replicate the same sheen and shade of natural teeth. Endodontic treatment at Drexel Hill is provided in such a way that bolsters your comfort and smile aesthetic.

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Drs. Nicholas and John Civillico provide comprehensive dental care that ensures healthy, long-lasting natural smiles. If you are experiencing severe dental pain, you may need root canal treatment. Contact Civillico Family to schedule a consultation today. We proudly serve patients in Drexel Hill, Havertown, and Springfield. 


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