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At Civillico Family Dentistry, Drs. Nicholas and John Civillico aim to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. With a warm and inviting environment, we help you feel comfortable receiving the dental care you need. We pride ourselves on being competent, compassionate, energetic and responsive. Your health is our priority, and we provide personal attention that helps you look forward to seeing your dentist twice a year. 

Our modern Drexel Hill dental practice offers the latest technology and practices, ensuring that you receive nothing but cutting edge and efficient treatment. If you’re curious about the procedures that we offer, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.


The New Patient Experience

If you are new to Civillico Family Dentistry, our goal is to help you feel welcomed immediately upon your arrival. We start with a thorough cleaning, examination, and x-rays to build an understanding of your current oral health. We also review your medical and dental history to get an idea of the treatments you may need.

Both Dr. Nicholas and John Civillico perform dental cleanings for patients, which allows for truly one-on-one dental care for our Drexel Hill dentists. They make it a priority to interact with you during every stage of treatment. Whether you are calling our office to schedule an appointment or undergoing a more invasive procedure, Drs. Civillico take the time to inform patients about the details of their treatments and do what they can to enhance your comfort.

Your dental cleaning is an ideal time to discuss your dental concerns. Part of our goal when building rapport is getting to know you and your oral health to develop a personalized treatment plan that keeps your smile bright and functional for years.

Your Time is Valuable

Comfort starts with the way you feel when you spend time in our office. We never overbook, and you are seen within minutes of taking a seat in the waiting room. 

To give you a better idea of what our practice is like, visit our practice. You can learn about the best ways to treat your teeth and meet a professional team that truly cares about you. 

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Our Drexel Hill dental practice delivers dental care with your optimal oral health and comfort in mind. Civillico Family Dentistry is a family run practice; as a father-and-son duo, Drs. Nicholas and John Civillico provide comprehensive dental care to meet your smile needs. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact us today! 


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