Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Drexel Hill 

Whether it is due to moderate yellowing from the consumption of stain-causing foods or physical trauma to a tooth, visible flaws in the smile can hamper a person’s self-confidence when smiling and speaking. We offer a range of treatment options for patients who are looking to enhance the appearance and function of their smile.

Drs. Nicholas and John Civillico and our team at Civillico Family Dentistry help patients achieve their ideal smiles through treatments customized to their personal needs and goals. To learn more about our Drexel Hill cosmetic dental services, contact our practice today. 


Individualized Cosmetic Treatment

We thoroughly examine our patients’ smiles to help them understand what we can do for the immediate and long-term appearance of their teeth. Treatment plans are customized to meet each patients’ personal goals and comfort levels, ensuring that they will be as happy as possible with the results we achieve.

In-Office and Take-Home Whitening

Our Drexel Hill cosmetic dentist offers a number of options for whitening through both gel-based bleaching treatments and porcelain veneers. We use both in-office and take home whitening, allowing patients to choose between a single appointment for significant improvement and more gradual results from the comfort of their own home. In-office whitening allows patients to achieve brighter smiles in one hour-long appointment, making this the ideal option for patients facing major life events such as weddings and speaking engagements. Take-home whitening allows patients to customize the results of their treatment while wearing trays fitted to their unique smiles.

We provide veneers for patients in need of more comprehensive whitening for stains internal to the tooth or have minor instances of uneven spacing and chipping. Porcelain veneers require minimal preparation of the teeth and allow patients to create seamless and symmetrical smiles. These durable shells are also able to support regular functions of the smile.

Durable Porcelain Restorations

If patients have experienced damage from decay or physical trauma, we provide options for smile rehabilitation that enhances both dental health and smile aesthetic. The restorations we offer include:

Tooth-Colored, Zirconia Crowns: These porcelain caps are used to seal out decay and reinforce the structure of the tooth following root canal therapy or serious damage to the enamel and dentin.

Porcelain Bridges: This restoration is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are supported by porcelain crowns placed on the neighboring teeth, ensuring that patients are able to enjoy the full function and appearance of their smile.

Restore Your Smile at Civillico Family Dentistry

Don’t let the appearance of your smile affect your self-confidence. Civillico Family Dentistry is committed to providing cosmetic dental care to patients in Drexel Hill and from the surrounding communities.




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